Childcare Centre Case Study

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Venture Feasibility of Little Champs Centre
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Institutional Affiliation Venture Feasibility of Little Champs Centre
Primary Data Collection In every business venture, information regarding the real issues on the ground is very fundamental. Businesses are built on the information they acquire. In Nova Scotia, Child Care Centres are operated both on profit and non-profit making bases. Little Champs Centre is meant to operate as a business entity whose though main function and goal is to ease tied-up parents with the obligation of caring for their children, it will a fee for that service offered to such parents. Basically, the centre is business oriented and for this course it requires to take into consideration all the aspects
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Does your child like the place you leave him when you go to work?
5. What is your perception on childcare Centre?
6. Have you ever tried the services of Childcare Centre before?
7. If yes, how was your experience with them?
8. If no, would you like to try the experience of one?
9. What would you like to see in a childcare centre?
10. How far is your place of work from your home?
We issued the survey to fifty people. Forty one of them responded and handed back the filled survey leaflet. Fifteen of the forty one explained they had a childcare centre before but the charges were high, hence had to look for other alternatives. Twenty one of them had not had the experience of a Childcare centre service before and were willing to sign up for one as long as it helps them offload the burden of where to leave their children safely within their budget. The remaining five expressed satisfaction that they prefer leaving their child with a relative because they lived far and that they perceived a relative to be more considerate than anybody else.
From observation, it was also very clear that some parents live far distances and will need their children to be picked from home and returned at the agreed scheduled times.
Enhanced Secondary Data
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For the purposes of assessing the feasibility of our venture, we looked into different sources to analyze the demographics and other elements of concern in childcare business. The issues relating to childcare in Nova Scotia are normally regulated by the Department of Education and the Department of Community Services. These two departments provide the guidelines and keep statistics regarding this effect. Consequently, the statistics provided by these two departments formed a crucial basis for our secondary data

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