Child 's Growth And Development Essay

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During the early childhood years of life, children depend on the care and nourishment from their guardians. It is up to their guardians to make the overall life decisions for their children. They are the ones who supply the loving nurture and support through the period of development. One very important decision that a guardian must make for their child is their education. Education is a very crucial part to a child’s overall growth and development. A child’s brain, undergoes the most growth and development while in the early childhood phase of life. Because of this, guardians are forced to make the important decision; where should our child attend school? When it comes to making this life decision, parents must do what they think is best for their children to succeed in the classroom setting and beyond. Most parents send their children to daycare, or preschool. Here, children typically learn through social interaction, amongst the peers in their classrooms. There also other options available for early childhood education. There are schools that are both in public and private settings, as well as schools that place an emphasis on religions or even specific teaching methods or philosophy.
One of the many approaches to a child’s education is called the “Montessori Method”. This method was created by Dr. Maria Montessori over one hundred years ago. Her approach to education, allows students to develop and maintain a love for learning without the use of a traditional…

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