Child 's Goals For Children 's Life Essay

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In any child 's life it is wonderful to have parents who support and encourage the child 's goals. In many cases parents wish to see their child succeed in life or anything that they do. The parents may want to be there for the child when they fall or stumble, Maybe there just to pick them up and tell them everything will be alright. As touching as this may seem, this may not always be the case for every child. As we no we are all different individuals who have had different life experiences and as a result have been shaped into the individuals we are today. Some life events may not have been available such as a car accident or loss of a relative. In other cases parents could have stepped in and assisted in bettering their child. Sometimes there is a lack of parent role within the child 's life, and in other cases there may be an overbearing parent who once so terribly to see their child succeed they are willing to go to nearly any lengths to ensure success. As we come to find in this paper, parents and children 's relationship to be substantially healthy and supportive. Whether parents know it or not, they play a significant role in their child 's life and overall State of Mind into adulthood.

We turn now to ( got PARENTS that are more Britney than Brady ) an article entitled problem parents by Allison Feller. Feller identifies the fact that a relationship between parents and children become strained with in their teen years. Children want to become more…

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