Essay Child 's Development Of Sexual Risk Behavior

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Literature Review
About 50,000 people are infected with HIV each year, and one in four is thirteen to twenty four years old. Youth make up seven percent of the more than one million people in the US living with HIV. About 12,000 youth were infected with HIV in 2010 (HIV Among Youth in the US, 2012). HIV has become the sixth leading cause of death among the adolescent population (Romer et al., 1994). This is important given the steady growth in the estimated numbers of persons living with HIV/AIDS, and the absence of an effective vaccine, it is increasingly important to promote and disseminate effective EBI for preventing the spread of HIV (Romer et al., 1994).
Previous research has found that social norms can influence the onset and progression of sexual risk behavior. Parents, adults and peer influence also play a major role is a child’s development of sexual risk behavior (James et al., 2009). Lack of parental support has shown to be relevant in sexual expression and peer influence also weighs heavy on a child’s decision to engage in risky sexual behavior (James et al., 2009). Risk factors also include the use of alcohol and drugs, lack of condom use, poverty and lack of access to health care, education, and prevention skills (Heitgerd et al., 2011). Previous research has shown that prevention programs are essential in trying to combat this epidemic. Previous research has also shown that the EBI, Healthy Relationships has been proven effective with men and women…

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