Essay on Child 's Defense Fund Website

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According to the Child’s Defense fund website, the U.S Census Bureau claimed that in 2015, 43.1 million people were poor, and one in three were children. As this website stated, “about 20% of children were poor in 2015, compared to 12.4% of people ages 18-64 and 8.8% of people ages 65 and older” ( Poverty is when you have insufficient amount of income to obtain even the basic needs to survival, such as food and shelter, for you or your family. Children living in poverty are not there due to their own choices but were brought into the situation by their parents or guardians living circumstances. Thus, children are dependent of others and they are impacted greatly by the living conditions that they are in. The conditions that children in poverty are in impacts them in their education since they are exposed with overwhelming challenges, such as emotional, social, stressors, health and safety issues. This overwhelming challenges impacts how well they do in school. The environment that the children in poverty lives in and interacts with impacts their learning development, achievement and the way the behave in school causing part of the portion of the generation of the future of the United States to not be prepare to be successful and have a lesser chance to get out of poverty because they are not getting the help and understanding they need. Students in poverty are exposed to more negative things that trigger their learning ability and cognitive…

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