Child Welfare Should Be A Better Person Essay

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Introduction As it pretends to my interests in child welfare, there are a lot of reason why I picked this branch in Social Work. Throughout the whole broad range of Social Work the one passion of mine is child welfare. When learning of child welfare I heard the good and the bad. The different types of people I will meet. It can deter some, because you do not know what you could get yourself into. Nevertheless I see child welfare as a desire of mine I want to continue, and contribute to in the program. When I have a mindset on something I do not want to quit. I keep on working at it. Push myself to be a better person. I think everyone should have an experience in child welfare, just to get a better understanding of it.
Pathway to Social Work In the beginning before I was a major in Social Work I did not know what I wanted to do in life. Back home in high school I was just getting by manly focusing on graduating. College at the time was the least of my worries. Around my junior year I still had no clue on what I wanted to do when I grow up. However my demeanor soon changed when a traumatic loss happened I had to go through. My uncle Owen passed away while fight with cancer. It hit my family really hard, because we are not a big one. We are all close with each other, so when he died we did not know how to cope with well. This death hit me really hard me too. He was always there for me like a father. During his death leading up to his funeral I got know more about him when…

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