Child Victims Of Traumatic Experiences Essay examples

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Child Victims of Traumatic Experiences

Sixty percent of adults report having suffered through some sort of childhood trauma in their past (“Statistics”). A percentage of these people are child soldiers; children under the age of eighteen who are subjected to war. A quarter of all soldiers in the Sierra Leone civil war were under the age of eighteen (Shah “Sierra Leone”), the main character of A Long Way Gone being one of them. Another example of those who have suffered from trauma would be the countless other victims of the holocaust. In Night by Elie Wiesel, the main character was a teenage boy who was faced with war violence both during and after he was transported to a concentration camp. Those in the holocaust suffer from many psychological-based misconceptions that should always be treated by a medical professional. Some of these symptoms are theories such as death imprint, survivor’s guilt, numbness, and a search for meaning. Though we are not sure what Elie faced mentally after leaving Auschwitz, we do know that he suffered from many moral challenges such as religion, family values, and depression. Similarly, A Long Way Gone focuses around a child who participated in war as a soldier, forced into killing his friends and an uncountable amounts of others. Both first account documents of children in a war scenario, the children can represent child soldiers as a whole. As displayed in A Long Way Gone and Night, children who experience trauma hide more than just…

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