Essay about Child Victims of Domestic Violence

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Child victims of domestic violence

Family today are unfortunately less as a fundamental unit of a healthy society. " Almost all countries in the world are faced with the inability to determine the number of victims of kriminalitetot, and especially when such women. According to UN studies, women are the most frequent victims of sexual violence (50%) attacks of personality (10%) and other attacks on property (10%). For nasilonichkiot kriminalitet family largely lacks impartial witnesses of cases.

Efforts made this situation be resolved by reference to the assistance of the closest relatives and friends, and the reference to state institutions is much less common and more severe cases. Victims of such
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Taken by the UN Convention is a powerful tool for the state to protect the rights of children who have already declared as such.
With the signature of this Convention, countries bound themselves to make available all the means at their disposal in the interests of children. Basically "o" of the Convention is that all children have equal rights to exercise their needs, regardless of where in the world. International Association for the Prevention of abuse of children and their neglect (ISPCAN), announced its release of "World view on child abuse. This publication gives a full picture of statistics policy abuse separately in approximately 70 countries worldwide.

According to statistics published study that 82% of respondents said that their countries have proјaveno significantly large number of cases in which child abuse occurs. Most of the measures taken by countries to protect children from violence, provide for punitive action against those who abuse children and action to remove the child from the middle and family, which has been exposed to such activities unwashed.
Despite the low level of qualifications of persons providing services for the protection of such victims, it is likely that countries will be forced to seek new ways and strategies to protect children from this type of crime, it is necessary to avoid consequences that remain with the child who was subjected

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