Child Soldiers As A Soldier Essay example

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Child Soldiers
“Your number one duty is to the Angkar and no one else. You should be happy with yourself. This camp is for the weaklings. The camp you are going to is for the bigger, stronger children. There you will be trained as a soldier so you can soon help fight the war. You will learn many more things there than the children here” (Ung 130).
Cambodian children, just like Loung Ung, were forced into combat through the use of propaganda and persuasion. At many camps throughout Cambodia, children were taught to love and respect the Angkar; they were instructed to put the Khmer Rouge before themselves and die for the cause. These young children were brainwashed to believe the Angkar loves and protects, so going into the war was a service and duty. Knowing any opposition would result in harsh consequences, Ung listened to what she was told and became a child soldier. Needing service, camp supervisors often sent children out to training and battle, well aware of the fact they would oblige due to the persuasion they fell under and the fear they possessed. Because of the constant propaganda and coercion used by the Khmer Rouge, children like Ung were forced into the war.
Living in this day and age, I would never expect to be pushed into combat, especially at such a young age. Although Ung never believed all of the propaganda she was hearing, she felt compelled to listen because of the fear she possessed. Never in my life have I been so fearful or felt pressured to do…

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