Child Soldier Argumentative Essay

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Imagine our youth holding guns in their pint-sized hands, shooting the innocent, and brainwashed by drugs that overwhelm their bodies. Sadly, we live in a world where there are child soldiers. Some people say that we should punish those who are homicidal murders, but I do not agree. I believe that child soldiers should be forgiven for their crimes because they were under drugs, forced to fight, and have a chance to come back to society. But what about when they get older? People should look at their horrible and devastating past as a child soldier. In my perspective, everyone who was forced to fight at a young age should be in rehabilitation getting better and becoming the citizens they once were.
To begin with, most child soldiers do not choose to fight to support their country, but were forced to fight or stolen from their families to become a soldier. In the article Child Soldiers, Prosecution, some say that “children are often forced into fighting and have little choice over whether or not the enlist.” Many towns are destroyed by an army and take the children with them for fighting. They have no say in this cause, and if they do, death is upon their short lived lives. But why would people want
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Cocaine, marijuana mixed with gunpowder, and alcohol. Why would they feed the child soldiers drugs? In Armed and Underage by Jeffrey Gettleman “the recruiters [people who stole them] of child soldiers also use drugs and alcohol to make the children more compliant…”. The drugs brainwash the minds of the children to create a whole new person. The recruiters teach the new children all they need to know, which is to murder. Also “child soldiers are often the victims of war”,(Child Soldiers, Prosecution). Many think that children should control the crimes they commit but they are the victims of drugs. Children do not intend to do drugs; like the war they are

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