Child Sex Trafficking : A Disturbing Reality Essay

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Child Sex Trafficking: A Disturbing Reality

I recently read a book by Ellen Hopkins called “Tricks”. She’s one of my favorite authors, and in the book there are five teenage characters. All five of the characters have a messed up home with parents who are alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. These teens want to get out, they want to feel loved, and they want to become independent. Unfortunately, instead they are drawn into the world of prostitution.
When I was maybe 16 or so I discovered child sex trafficking wasn’t something that happened only in other countries. I learned it happens in America, and very often as well. I was ignorant to think America was a place where this didn’t happen, or to think America was safe from this kind of criminal activity and predators. Child sex trafficking is something that happens every day in almost every state and every neighborhood, across America. “ Young children and woman are being trafficked like kids who trade baseball cards.”
Trafficking is the manufacturing of children for the sex trade and is the second most lucrative crime in the world. Children and teens, boys and girls, are sold and passed on from exploiter to exploiter for $300.00 or more an hour. “Pimps”, the human traffickers who are those exploiting the boys and girl, disguise themselves as talent scouts and model agents who very in diversity from their age to ethnicity and background. In one night the trafficker will earn nearly three to five thousand dollars, and…

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