Child Safety In Foster Care Essay

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Information shows that there are a lot practices of the foster care system. The “best practice” is a way of doing things that will contribute to improving the way an agency runs. The best practices use and apply the knowledge of what works best in different situations. The most important thing to ensure in the foster care system is safety, the best practices usually have safety first in mind. Practices that ensure safety include screening and assessment for foster care families, recruitment of foster families, training for foster care families, and health care for foster care children. (“Child Safety in Foster Care, 2009) In my internship I work with children that have been in foster care system for the majority of their lives. I have heard horror stories of ordeals the kids went through while in foster homes. Therefore I think it extremely important that these “best practices” are followed through with in every agency.
Assessment of Foster Families
Children are often mistreated in the foster care system, especially while placed in a foster families home. According to Child Welfare League of
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Foster parents that don’t meet all the criteria are licensed due to the dire need for foster families. This is why recruitment for foster families is important. A survey done by Casey Family Programs National Center for Resource Family Support gathered information from several states about the best practices they used to recruit and retain foster families. (Casey Family Programs, 2002) Casey Family Programs found multiple practices that will help recruit foster families. Child welfare agencies should answer the questions that foster families have fast and adequately. Another practice is to provide a training prior to the family signing a foster care agreement that will show them the requirements and problems they may occur while fostering

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