Child Prostitution In Thailand

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Child Prostitution in Thailand Child prostitution in Thailand is a corrupt, visible issue that has overcome the country since the 1990s. This is an issue because thousands of children are taken away from their homes or sold into prostitution and they have no way of defending themselves. Thailand’s government has tried to implement policies but has to seemed to failed considering children and families do not understand the fatalness of prostitution due to how Thailand’s system works and where their economic morals are at. A solution to this problem would be to enforce the policies in order to educate the families on what is happening to their children or what could happen to them. Sivarnee says, “Prostitution has been a way of life in Thailand …show more content…
There are many stories of sisters and brothers crying and dying in a pain and deal with suffering of being lonely and illness (“First Aid? Sex Tourism”). There has been an estimated of 80,000 children are involved in the sex industry and one third of the child are tested positive for HIVs (“Child Prostitution in Thailand”). In August of 2014 a senior Thai health official said that AIDS had become the main cause of death in the country. The pain that these children endure mentally, emotionally, and psychically is something that no child should have to go through. Some endure abuse such has cigarette burns and self-inflicted cuts. Many people worry more about the emotional pain the endure such as depression and distrust for almost anybody (“Thailand Journal of Law and Policy”). Due to the lack of education some children are okay with being sold into prostitution This is an issue because these children have a sense of no self-worth and can’t see themselves in an actual career or job. When child prostitution started to become more noticeable in the 1990s the Thai government tried to implement interventions but, seemed to fail (“Understanding Child Prostitution”). Another issue that has been brought to attention is that it can also be considered a racism issue. Sivarnee says, “The women recruited from more than 40 indigenous groups in the country because they have a low status in Thai society and are generally poor” (First Aid? Sex Tourism). This is an issue because the sex industry is not only taking advantage young age girls but those that are in poverty and indigenous. If the Thai government was able to educate the families and children more on the issue then they could understand why it’s not okay to go into child

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