Child Predators And Social Media Essay

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Side B, on the other hand, believes that child predators are using social media to target children. “The Internet is quickly becoming another place for sexual predators to prey on unsuspecting children” (Long). “CyberTipline, the nation 's hotline for reporting sexual exploitation of children, received 223,374 reports in 2010, nearly double the 2009 number” (Acohido). Byron Acohido states in his article, “Sexual predators, pornographers and prostitution rings are capitalizing on the rising popularity of mobile devices and social media to victimize children” (Acohido). “Pedophiles go where children are. Before the Internet, that meant places such as amusement parks and zoos. Today, the virtual world makes it alarmingly simple for pedophiles often pretending to be teens themselves to make contact with young people” (United States Federal Bureau of Investigation).
Child predators can obtain a lot of information about kids from social media, including their interests and where they live (United States Federal Bureau of Investigation). When teens post to Twitter or Facebook with their GPS enabled Smartphones they give their location away to anyone who sees the post (Acohido). It is not just kids that post too much information, parents also need to be careful about what they post about their children on social media, anyone could obtain that information, even a stranger (Long). “For a pedophile, that personal information is like gold and can be used to establish a connection and…

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