Child Physical Abuse And Discipline Essay

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Child Physical Abuse or Discipline in low income families
The need to increase the campaign to protect the children from physical abuse is still important in the United States. In order for these changes to occur and improve the condition for children are to understand the problem of abuse. In the United States 1 in 9 U.S. children are abused and neglected before the age of 18. (Freisthler and Maguire-Jack)There are many neighborhoods where the impoverished parents are often faced with challenges in raising their children. Maltreatment is the act of putting a child at risk of imminent danger and harm. Physical abuse, is a physical injury that is the result from being: kicked, punched, or any other harm that would be toward the children. In this paper, we will investigate child physical abuse as it related to discipline in low income families. There are many effects of physical child abuse, and environmental factors that influence child physical abuse. In addition, there are social emotional difficulties that a child that is physically abused deals with. Lastly, there are the symptoms of a traumatic events of child physical abuse. Then the relationship with the abuser and the child. There are high rates of instability and poverty in these neighborhoods where it is low income. The trend of use of alcohol influences physical abuse in the home with children where it is often low income. Higher unemployment issues increase stress at home that also influences child…

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