Child Pageants Argumentative Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The desire to stand out and give their child an edge leads parents to put their children at risk. The routines get more scandalous and provocative as the years go on. Girls impersonate popular sex icons and famous promiscuous ladies. The parents string together routines that include the influences of Madonna, Brittney Spears, Sandy from Grease, and many others. Children are putting themselves in the spotlight of society as little sex symbols. The public scrutinizes the outward emphasis of sexuality when adult women do it, so it is even worse when these youngsters do it. These routines send a message that females are promiscuous objects. Provocative routines call to question gender stereotypes that have been apart of American society since it’s founding. When parents force their children to put themselves in these roles, society follows suit. The effect is the reinforcement in the minds of men that they are “dominant to women” (Wolfe 447) whose role is to be subservient. The age of these girls also calls to a harsher reality. The spotlight being on these toddlers dressed and portrayed as grown women can “influence sexual assault of children” (Lieu 78). The promotion of these dolled up babies can create a fantasy for sexual predators that they may act upon if given the opportunity. These interpretations of women leave them more vulnerable to sexual assault at the hands of …show more content…
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