Child Of A Single Parent And Momma Essay

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Physical Development
I was a fifteen year old freshman in high school and I felt fat and chubby. As my body changed it was hard for my mind to catch up. Walking through the student lounge struck fear deep down in the pit of my stomach. I felt as if all the eyes were on me and they were judging how I looked, what I wore, how my hair was cut. It wasn’t long before I started watching how much I ate and how much I exercised. Scrutinizing over every bite of food that went in my mouth was my routine. Being a chubby girl in a sea of beautiful thin cheerleaders and popular girls was never easy. And I became painfully aware that I didn’t have as much as other teens did. They all wore designer clothes when mine came from a used store or momma made them homemade. Social Context Development
My world was very small. I was the child of a single parent and momma often worked two jobs to make ends meet. We lived in front of a woman and her husband in a small rock house. When my grandparents passed away about the time I had turned seven, I can remember going to their house and asking if they could be my grandma and grandpa. Living out in the country and not having access to other children to play with. I was always around older people, mostly women. In school I was painfully shy and kept to myself. I did not hang out with anyone because I just didn’t fit in. I…

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