Child Observation Essay

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Jane is a very active 5 years old girl who is in kindergarten. I observed her at her home in TX. Her primary language is English and her Secondary language is Spanish. She is able to do a lot of things for her age. I watched her in her home setting through the months of October and November. She is on track for her age developmentally.
Her physical development is good for her age. When I visited her we did worksheets together. She traced a giraffe with a pen she was able to hold the pen in her hand and trace the dotted lines on the paper. We also did a cut color and glue paper of a clown holding balloons. She was able to cut out the circles and color then the colors asked. She also was able to match the shapes. She drew me a
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She does ask her mom after wards to buy her shoes like her friend Honey. One afternoon when I was at her house she was watching a movie called Princess and the Frog. She was sing and dancing along with the move. When the move was over she would pretend that she was the princess in the move and pretend her dog was the frog and she would act out her favorite scenes. When was thirsty she asked her mom if she could have something to drink and her mom said yes she asked her mom to get her some water her mother told her she was able to get the water she was very demanding that her mother get it.

Her next step in development for her physical that I think would be good for her would be doing something like hula hooping or jump roping. Hop Scotch would also be a good game for her to develop her balance better.
Her language development I think something like doing a more in depth retelling or her favorite story. Or many be when she is telling you a story about when she did something ask her more question to make her think more in depth.
Social and emotional I think made let her play more with her friend but also teacher her that she needs to be aware of her friends and families feeling more often. I also think give her a set of rules to follow at home so that she is not so demanding of people around her.
For her cognitive development maybe

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