Child Observation Essay

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Child Observation

I recently observed a "child" involved in two different types of activities, at different times of the day. The first activity was "Teacher-Initiated", and the second "Child-Initiated". The purpose of this observation is to compare and contrast the child's development and behavior between the two different contexts. Through observation I found that although both activities were rich in challenge and learning opportunity, the child's behavior is different, but demonstrates age appropriate development. During the "Teacher-Initiated" activity, the child was presented with coloring materials; different color markers, blank and valentine coloring pages. The child chose a valentine coloring paper, a purple marker
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Here the child was able to choose from a variety of activities. After going around the room she decided to play at the play-house where two other girls were playing. It wasn't until the child chose a toy baby that she took the "driver's seat" of the game. She guided the other two girls on the placement of the play-house furniture, which resulted in a living-room with a play cake on the coffee table. In a louder voice than she had used during the "Teacher-Initiated" activity, she began to sing Happy Birthday to her toy baby. The song was sang in Spanish, English and family invented versions. She demonstrates an ability to switch from Spanish to English with ease while also knowing the difference. This ability is in time with the development of language for her age group (169). While the make believe celebration continued the child continues to lead her peers in making choices for them. When the child asked who's turn it was to have Happy Birthday sang to, the other girls suggested their toys, but she would chose for them. She would say "?ahora quien?" ("now who?"), when a suggestion was made she would say "no, now Happy Birthday to abuelita!". This child demonstrates a well-developed social ability, and her confident behavior shows her in a secure state of emotion. After singing Happy Birthday several more times, the girl's play was interrupted by two boys playing rough. After the boys tried to fly-jump their

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