Child Obesity : Slimming Down Essay

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Child Obesity: Slimming Down Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, University of Ottawa, an American author of the website, Weighty Matters, states, “Childhood obesity is a disease of the environment. It’s a natural consequence of normal kids with normal genes being raised in unhealthy, abnormal environments.” These unhealthy, abnormal environments appear in the United States. In America, “Supersize it!” is spoken now more often than, “Small proportion, please!” because of increasing child-targeted advertisements to “Go big or go home!” Child obesity is when a child is above the normal weight for children of their age. This is determined by BMI, or body mass index, which takes the weight and height into calculation to find a healthy weight for the body calculated. Increasing rates of child obesity have rippling effects on child health; therefore, children and their parents should be required to take a health course prior to entry of middle school, informing them of the rippling effects. First, Americans must recognize an unavoidable problem with child obesity exists. Growing child obesity rates seem inevitable according to the child obesity timeline with clear increases. The staff of ProQuest researchers reports: in 1980, only one out of 20 children were considered obese or overweight; however, in 2000, one out of six children were considered obese, and in 2014, an inflating one out of five were obese or overweight (Staff). Americans changed what they used to consider “a healthy weight” in…

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