Child Obesity Is A Major Issue Essay

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Child obesity is a major issue that needs to be cut down: therefore, society first needs to find the main issue that is causing it. One main way to show if a child is obese is by calculating their BMI; a healthy BMI for children is eighteen to twenty-four, and the point where they are considered obese is twenty-five to thirty. Francie Berg explains how to calculate a child’s BMI in her book, underage and overweight, “Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters then square the outcome”(Berg, 6). The internet site Lets Move states that, “1 out of every 3 children today are obese”(Let’s Move). Are the school’s nutritional guidelines truly helping the cut down on obesity? Should it be the parent’s or care takers job to keep their kids from becoming obese? Getting outdoors instead of laying around playing video games can make a true difference. When pointing fingers at who is the root cause of child obesity, a huge handful of people would point them to the schools, saying it’s the school’s fault.
Are the schools responsible for child obesity? In some terms yes, schools are responsible of a percentage of children that are obese, because these children are there for eight hours or more a day, five times a week, and receiving two meals for each day. However, the solution is to not take out the vending machines and change school lunches. If they were to take all the old food products out and put new kinds of foods in their menus, kids would not want to eat the food given to them…

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