Child Neglect, Parental Substance Abuse And Domestic Violence

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Research and Related Literature The research was done to help the case manage make a well-founded decision regarding the ethical decision. The case manager looked at the literature on mandated reporting, HIPPA Regulations, and confidentiality. She also reviewed research on child neglect, parental substance abuse, and domestic violence.
Mandated Reporting As a social work intern, the case manager is a mandated reporter. Most states in the United States have designated mandated reporters in professions that are likely to work with or come in contact with children in their profession (Mathews & Kenny, 2008). These professionals have training and knowledge of how to detect child abuse and neglect. By law, they are required to report all suspected abuse or neglect of a minor (Mathews & Kenny, 2008). In the State of Wisconsin, if there is reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or neglect the professional must report it (Levi & Portwood, 2011). Levi and Portwood (2011) point out “how a professional interprets the legal standard reasonable suspicion is the hinge upon which reporting decisions rest, left to define their personal standards for what constitutes a reasonable suspicion” (p. 64). Suspicion can be as simple as a feeling or inclination that abuse or neglect is going on (Levi & Portwood, 2011). When the case does not tie directly into what the social worker knows or how they reason it can lead to an ethical dilemma of whether or not to report the situation. Failure…

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