Child Neglect Paper

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Child Neglect: Negative Effects
Richard Vergel
Psy 2100: Developmental Psychology
Fall 2012

Research Paper Outline

I. Abstract / Intro

II. Body

Psychological, and/or social influences of neglect.
A theoretical perspective: Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory.
Chosen perspective’s view on neglect today.
Bidirectional effects between your topic and society.

III. Conclusion

IV. Reference Page

Psychologists agree that our identity form our personalities. Temperament being one of the main markers that each individual family’s parenting style must be adjusted to fit each child’s individual needs. Psychosocial Theory of Erik Erikson must be examined to see which stage deals with molding a young
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It seems to get worse every year. Yet it never fails to astonish us when we hear or read about terrible mistreatment of children around the country. If you tried to understand every single incident, you would probably get really depressed, and lose your humanity. For that reason alone, we respect the men and women who work in the field of social work, first responders, and hospital staff, who see these terrible cases first hand. So how about the children? Do they bounce back? The survivors of these bad parental cases that endure the maltreatment: Can they live a normal life? Well normal is a broad word. The short answer is: if you were not a happy baby, chances are you will probably not be a happy adult.
There are many responsibilities and much effort that goes into getting the baby healthy and world-ready. These include suggested and mandatory public health directives, as well as each parents own familial and or cultural practices. Infant health – indeed infant survival (in many nations) - depends on public health measures (immunizations, clean water), parental practices (such as proper sleep practices), and nutrition (ideally, breast milk). Modern day infant care education is spreading and more parents are taking safety precautions to protect their babies against SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome): statistics show that SIDS frequency has dropped over the years. Survival rates are much higher today than they were even a few decades ago, (Industrialized nations).

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