Essay Child Neglect Is More Than Bruises And Broken Bones

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The majority of Western society appears to misinterpret the definition of child neglect. Stereotype myths surrounding these misunderstandings typically discriminate and label lower class families by equating child neglect to only physical abuse assumptions. This research paper will examine the statement, “child neglect is more than bruises and broken bones.” (Smith & Segal, p. 1) Comparatively to child abuse, this paper will further examine child neglect as the act of failing to meet the child’s basic needs. Basic needs may include health care, supervision, clothing, nutrition, housing, physical, emotional, social, education and safety. While child neglect is an extremely broad topic, for the purpose of this research, not every type of neglect will be discussed.
When a parent or guardian fails to provide the life necessities to a child whom they are responsible for, this is considered Intentional Neglect. Problematic attributes of this type of child neglect are physical, sexual, emotional and health neglect. The majority of Western society ignorantly overlooks or ignores the terrible signs of neglect surrounding their day-to-day culture. Although not typically broadcasted the next day like a “thief in the night”, “more than 700,000 children are abused in the U.S. annually” (NCA, p. 1) without anyone becoming aware. Without education and media informants, Westerners can expect this number to consistently rise each year.

The first type of intentional neglect is physical…

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