Family Behavior Therapy

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Ways to Treat Neglect
A Controlled Evaluation of Family Behavior Therapy in Concurrent Child Neglect and Drug Abuse is a study where they selected 72 mothers who had been reported for child neglect and drug abuse by the Department of Family Services (Donohue, Azrin, Bradshaw, Van Hasselt, Cross, Urgelles, & ... Allen, (2014). Family Behavior Therapy (FBT) uses a family support system and therapy assignments as its foundation. The belief behind this therapy is that the parent’s drug abuse is the reinforcer behind everything. With taking a family approach to treatment there is a focus on communication, which is important in any form of treatment. In summary this type of treatment is a combination of elements of drug rehab for the mothers and
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Project Learn, which is under Academic success, will help Mya by giving her tutoring, writing activities and even educational games to improve her cognitive functioning. This would also help her with her social skills since there will be other children in the club.
2. Oasis Center 1704 Charlotte Ave. Suite 200, Nashville, TN 37203. Phone: 615-327-4455 The Oasis Center’s counseling program would help Mya and her family. They are specialized in dealing with children of abuse among other traumatic occurrences. A counselor will also help Mya’s Mother with her drug abuse problem and try to repair her attachment to Mya. The cost of counseling at the Oasis Center is also dependent on how much the family can pay.
3. Thistle Farms 5122 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209. Phone: 615-298-1140 Thistle Farms is a program that employs women of prostitution, trafficking and addiction and helps them to get off the streets. This would be help for Mya’s mom to rehabilitate and make money and even end her unhealthy relationship with Mya’s
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They also try to intercept a child being taken away from home by trying to rebuild the parent and child relationship as well as being advocates for the family.
7. Nashville Freedom School Partnership!history/c16pd 104 Fitzpatrick Court, Nashville, TN 37214. Phone: 615-497-1398 This is a free summer program for at risk youth. In this program Mya will be taught on a reading and humanities lesson plan and will also be engaged in math and science. The basis of the program is to help children retain what they learned the previous school year over the summer as well as prepare them for the next school year.
8. YWCA Nashville 1608 Woodmont Blvd, Nashville, TN 37215. Phone: 615-269-9922 The YWCA offers Girls Inc., which is a program to empower young girls in an abundance of areas for example: setting and achieving goals. Mya could benefit from this by gaining confidence in herself and improving her social skills. She would also be able to receive academic

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