Essay on Child Mortality And Its Effects On Children Mortality

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Introduction: One in every three children died before the age of nine in the nineteenth century. In the nineteenth century child mortality was an major issue. In this presentation I will talk about the rate of death amongst children, the unsanitary conditions that caused child mortality, and the illnesses and diseases that lead to child mortality. The majority of these deaths could have been prevented by knowing more about these illnesses and diseases and knowing how bacteria and cleanliness affected one’s health.
Transition: The three main points that I will hit in this presentation are: -Unsanitary conditions and how it caused child mortality -Diseases and illness in the nineteenth century and the treatments for these diseases and illnesses -The rate of death amongst children in high and low class areas and how that compares to todays death rates.
Unsanitary conditions and how it caused child mortality In the nineteenth century child mortality really was out of control and a major reason for this was the sanitary conditions of cities. People did not know how crucial it was to keep cities, homes, and public places clean. For the majority of homes in the nineteenth century there were no bathroom or clean water in the house. This caused major issues in health for many reasons. Since there was no bathroom families would dump their sewage into the streets. This sewage would make its way too open sewer drains which eventually flowed away. A lot of the other…

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