Child Molestation Essay

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Child Molestation

By: Nellee N. Gholson

Many want to know what goes on in the mind of a child molester? What could possibly possess someone to harm an innocent child? Will they ever be able to get help? Some child molesters state that they do it because of a sexual addiction or because they were molested as a child but not all people who were molested as children become child molesters or rapists. Statistics show that most child molesters are capable of molesting several victims before they ever get caught. It is also shown that boys and girls are at equal risk for sexual abuse. (online: family services) Eighty percent of child molesters are male and a small twenty percent are female. Once a
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Several warning signs can lead you to tell if your child is a victim of child abuse or molestation. They will begin to have drastic changes in behavior such as mood swings. A child can show signs of sleep disturbances like bedwetting and nightmares. Any sudden bruises, rashes, cuts, limping, pain, itching, bleeding, fluid or rawness in the private areas. Also a child can begin to show interest

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