Child Mistreatment Book Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… She always had ideas and she always took command of all family matters. Stephen supported his family by working as a firefighter in the heart of San Francisco. He stood about five feet, ten inches tall and weighed about 190 pounds. In chapter three he goes into detail about the start of his abuse. He states that his relationship with his mother changed incredibly from discipline to out of control punishment. Dave had the unfortunate luck of getting caught up in mischief, sometimes with his brothers. But his mother would punish him the worst. It started out as being put in the corner of his bedroom. This was so unusual to him that he became very afraid of his mother. He would not ask to be let out of the …show more content…
It's almost life changing because when a parent reads this book, mo matter how good of a parent they are, it will make them want to be an even better one. This book relates to victimology in so many ways because for years this poor boy was tortured, beaten, and starved by his own mother. Throughout the book I kept thinking about the chapter in our text, "Child Mistreatment." It fits so perfectly in comparison because the he was being treated so badly by his mother. At the same time did nothing to try and contact any law officials because he felt guilty that he would be the reason his mother would get in trouble. He was so afraid of the consequences that he just put up with the abuse for years until his school administration finally did something to help him out. There was even some sexual harassment that happened to him. His mother ordered him to take off all of his clothes and lie on the stove which embarrassed him because he didn't want his mother to see him naked. Dave's story of survival will forever be remembered because in the end, he won. He became a father and a better man after going through his

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