Essay on Child Marriage Should Be Legal

1249 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Many under age girls in Indian are being married off before they reach fifteen, these girls in India being married before the age of eighteen has become and reality for them. Marriage should be an happy, joyful, and an enjoyable celebration of love for two people who are in love, but for most girls in India and other country this has become and nightmare that they can 't wake up from. For these young girls they are forced into getting married before they even hit puberty. A child should be able to finish school and become and independent person, but in India that is not the lives that of some of these young girls live. When a child learns how to be independent that helps them go further in life instead of depend on a man and anyone they encounter in their life. Child marriage has cause these young girls to be segregation from family and friends and limiting the children 's interactions with the community and their peers, and lack of opportunities for education. About half of Indian women are child bride before they turned 18 year old.Child Marriage has been declining slowly in India, but it is still an huge problem that many of these young girls are facing, and according to UNICEF,“child marriage is a violation of child rights, and has a negative impact on physical growth, health, mental and emotional development, and education opportunities...It also affects society as a whole since child marriage reinforces a cycle of poverty and perpetuates gender discrimination,…

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