Essay on Child Marriage : A Common Event

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Female marriage
Child marriage is a common event in many countries. Girls as young as ten forced into marriage by their parents and almost the groom is older than the girl, sometimes as old as her father. Early marriages have negative effects on the quality of life that the girl will have. When a child is married off, often to someone the age of her father or even older, their childhood is taken away, and they are then burdened with responsibilities that would normally rest on the shoulders of a grown up. They now concentrate on being a wife/mother prevent them from getting an education effectively prevent them a bright future and take them to a bleak one (Nour, 2006). Since they are married now, it is expected of them to perform sexual activities with their husbands and child bearing. As they are just children, sometimes as young as ten, and this will obviously affect their health by exposing them to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and syphilis, as well as conditions such as Vesico-Vaginal Fistula (VVF). It also robs the girl child the right to self determination (Ahmed, 2013). Child marriage is a dangerous behavior that can effect on girl development because it prevents children from getting an education, effects on their health negatively and prevents girls from choosing the way of their own life.

Nelson Mandela once said education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world and true to that word, the impact of education on an…

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