Essay Child Maltreatment And Child Abuse

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It is important to understand child maltreatment so that one is aware of when to report. It is also important so that child welfare knows how to respond and what services to provide to each child and for each family. In the United States, once a child has been reported and identified as a victim of some kind of child maltreatment, child protective services responds to make sure that the child is at a total well-being. State, federal and local governments all play a significant role to assure that each child gets their needs met as a matter of fact they spend about 8 billion dollars a year on child welfare. In the film from place to place there were three different cases where three youth experienced some type of foster care. In regards to Raif’s case he had eight different placements in a time period of four years. He expressed how all he wanted was for someone to accept him and love him unconditionally, he often felt unwanted and unloved. He wanted a family to take him into their home without being worried about receiving a paycheck. His mother committed suicide and for some strange reason most of his case workers past away. One of his case workers quit, she couldn’t handle his case and simply gave his file to another case worker. The case worker that quit could be referred to as a secondary. Professionals reactions to working with traumatized clients are referred to as secondary, because they are not direct responses to traumatic events but indirect responses due to…

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