Child Labour Is A Common Mutiny Essay

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Child Labour

Child labour is a common mutiny in all developing countries. However, in 2000 the child labour has had a decrease from 246 million down to 168 million, which shows that all the charity work and awareness has made a big impact. Because we’re talking big numbers here a lot more needs to be done. The reason why child labour exists is because of families being poor, and parents don’t have a sufficient income to keep their families fed and clothed. Parents are then pressured to resort to what seems like their only choice and sell their children off. Although parents rarely wish to expose their children to danger, they may see no other alternative. All too often, both parents and young people are unaware of the risks involved.

The reason why children work can be divided broadly into “Supply” and “Demand” factors. The very fact that so many different factors are at play is one reason why there is no single solution, no magic recipe for putting an end to economies exploitation of children. The main reason why children start work instead of attending school, or leave school before completing their primary education, is that their families are poor and cannot pay the basic costs of food and housing without earning something as well. The relatively low wages paid to children are much lower than to adult workers. Some children work unpaid, this is classified as “slavery” if adults are involved. Employers find children more obedient and easier to control. Unlike older…

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