Child Labor Essay

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Child Labor
Today, Child Labor laws exist to ensure children are able to get an education and be employed under safe conditions. History tells a different story to the meaning of child labor. History explains how the industrial revolution changed the lives of young children during this time. Children as young as four years old were put to work, some worked under very hazardous conditions and were treated cruely. According to the Unicef website,” many children are put to work in ways that often interfere with their education, drains their childhood of joy, and crushes their right to normal physical and mental development”.
This paper examines the history of child labor, the hazardous jobs these children endured, and the medical
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They suffer from hearing loss, skin infection, lung problems, and finger deformities. When children work in hospitality like jobs they’re exposed to physical violence, mental trauma, and sexual abuse. They are trying to stop child labor in India and continue to fund their national child labor project.
When we look into sweatshops we see the many different age groups of children that are forced, abducted, or born into this working life style. In the developing countries in “today’s day and age about 250 million children are between the ages of 5-14” (Sweatshop Ins and Outs) and in others we see up to the age of 22 who are working hard to perform their duties for their wages. The reason children get used in these types of shops is because they are less likely to complain about the money and they are easy to control. They learn to listen and not complain about the poor conditions that they are going through every day. These duties and wages are to pay for food for themselves and or their families to survive. Sweatshops have many different jobs to help companies make a bigger profit, some of the items that are made in sweat shops would be shoes, clothing, rugs, coffee, chocolate, and toys; just to name a few. Different sweatshops have different hours for their employees, theses hours do not allow children to attend school, study, be a child, or even have a life. The way they keep children working is out of not knowing any better of a life

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