Child Labor Should NOT Be Banned

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Child labor should not be banned
The International Labor Organization estimates that more than 250 million children are involved in child labor. The definition of child labor is work done by children who under the age of 15. Most people think that childhood memory, potential and dignity of children are deprived by child labor. Additionally, it can have some impacts on child’s physical, mental and educational development (kweifio-okai 2015). But, in my opinion, child labor is necessary for poor families to survive, pursue dreams and have a good future. It can help children to support the family’s income, and deal with the labor shortage in developing countries and it provide children good chances to learn skills. If child labor was bannned, the poor would still live with poverty and lost hope in their live.

The main argument supporting child labor is
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According to World Vision Action (2012), many children often have to work long hours in unsafe surroundings. Children will receive poor medical treatment after they are injured at work, additionally, they would also suffer long-term potential health problems, for instance, exposure to chemicals, working in loud environments and long-time working hours. However, this view did not consider the risks if child does not work to save their life. For children who work in sweatshops(Powell 2014),they have to do in such place because they are so poor and it is the best available choice for them, those children really need such jobs to survive. So banning child labor completely is not the only way to solve the public social problem. Basic life is more important than potential health problems for poor families. To deal with potential physical impacts, governments and relevant departments should make strong laws to forbid children to accept risky jobs. At the same time, the medical insurance management systems should pay more attention to poor

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