Child Labor Is Just Not Fair Essay

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Show a child love & care, child labor is just not fair. Forms of child labor such as child slavery has existed throughout the American and human history, although child labor reached a new extreme during the Industrial Revolution. Children were being over worked, working dangerous long hours in poor factory conditions making very little money to support their families. Children were treated as slaves because they were very useful when it came to being laborers. Their little bodies allowed them to move quickly and into small spaces in factories or even mines where adults had a very hard time doing or not being able to do at all. They considered children to be easier to work with because they always listened to adults and were easy to manage and control, and most importantly children were not expected to be paid as much as an adult was.
Education for children at the time was not required and was overlooked by working a full time job instead that became more important for them and for their families. Child laborers worked to help support their family members who were also working full time jobs. Children were taken advantage of because they were recognized as being cheaper, and less likely to strike. By the late 1900’s, states had American children working in large numbers. Children were not only working in factories they were also working in dangerous mines, glass factories, textiles, agriculture, canneries, home industries, and as newsboys, messengers, bootblacks, and…

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