Child Labor Is An Increasing Problem Among Human Rights Violations

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An estimated 215 million children under the age of 18 are child workers (“Child Protection”). Child labor is an increasing problem among human rights violations. Before 1836 there were no child labor laws, but during 1836 Massachusetts was the first state in the United States to make a child labor law. This law required children under the age of 15 that worked in factories to attend school at least three months out of the year (“Child Labor”). This was a step forward in human rights policies to combat the issue of child labor. Even after numerous years and child labor laws, child labor is still a reoccurring problem worldwide and that must be dealt with.
Child labor is a worldwide dilemma that has existed for many centuries. Child labor has even occurred in the United States. Child labor has existed in the United States for a pro-long period of time that has dated back to the founding of our country (“Child Labor”). In the past child labor forced countless American children to work in factories and mines (Kruse, Douglas L., and Douglas Mahony). Working conditions in these factories and mines were extremely hazardous and risked the lives of countless child workers. Child labor in the United States is still a problem, but statistics indicate that child labor in the United States is declining gradually (Kruse, Douglas L., and Douglas Mahony). Several child labor laws have been passed to deal with the concerns of child labor within the United States, but child labor is not only…

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