Essay on Child Labor Is A Atrocious Practice

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. Child labor is a atrocious practice that specializes in the employment of children in a business or industry that harms them physical and mentally, or keeps the children from attending school. Underage children work in all sorts of settings, and usually are apart of large families and are extremely poor. Child labor involves threatening children physical, mental, or emotional well-being. Majority of child labor occurs in Asia, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to the unethical side of child labor, it threatens the children’s mental and physical health, deprives them of their childhood and potentials, and removes the dignity and freedom of children. Therefore, we should not buy from countries that endorse child labor. Child labor has been evident throughout all of human history, but during the Industrial Revolution this epidemic reached all new levels turning children from servants and apprentices to miners and factory workers. Children were used because of their size, making it easier for them to get in and out of small spaces in mines and factories. On the other hand, children were used because they could be paid less than adults. In colonial America, child labor was not a subject of controversy, but an integral part of the economy. They worked on farms and then during the early nineteenth century factory employment provided a new opportunity for children work. According to the History Chanel, “In 1900, 18 percent of all American workers were under…

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