Child Labor In India Essay

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For thousands of years, children have been taken against their will and forced to work under harsh conditions, low wages, and long hours. Today, this continues to be a major issue that affects children all around the world. One of the most infamous countries for child poverty is India. Over 3 million children, ages 5 to 14, are enslaved in child labor in India. Although legislature in India is fighting to fix their child labor situation, it is too hard to enforce making it a never-ending battle. Large companies tend to take advantage of child labor for many reasons. The main reason is because the children don't get paid nearly as much as normal workers and they can work much longer hours. Not only is child labor against the law, it is also a violation to human rights. It violates the dignity that workers should have and also violates the children's rights to live normal lives. The real issue going on here is that kids all around the world are being taken from their families and schools and forced to work for very little money in very bad conditions. This is breaking …show more content…
The country with most child labor going on is India. The main reason why companies will outsource their manufacturing to child labor is for budget cuts. They can make the kids work for much longer hours than normal and not have to pay them what they deserve. Over 3 million kids in India are working under this cruelty and It must be fixed. Organizations like the UN or the ILO are great examples of people donating time and money to help rescue these kids from their conditions. The min issue why child labor is still happening and the companies aren’t being stopped is because the laws set in place in countries like India just aren’t being enforced properly. It’s up to people like us to give back with our time and money to take a stand to child labor. For if no-one can help them, then the lives of all these children will be ruined

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