Child Labor And Slavery In West Africa

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Many people are being taken advantage of throughout Africa And the Middle East. Most of them usually have no way to stand up for themselves. This is why they become victims. Women are often violated under the Taliban in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. Throughout Western Africa child labor and slavery occurs. These young men need the same help and attention that these women of the Middle East need. There are ways that society can draw an end to these violations of these people.
Throughout western Africa one of the most common crops that some of these West African countries thrive from is the cocoa plant. Children are often used for this because kids are young, which means that the children’s salary can be lower that what a grown man would
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West Africa has slavery that is wide spread. Robyn Dixon (author of the Los Angeles Times) states, “The United States is ranked 134th in terms of prevalence of slavery, with nearly 60,000 estimated to be in modern slavery”. These slaves are not treated as people or even a servant, but as property. Child laborers are forced to work for the plantations for the low wages but slave don’t make any money. Slave traffickers can buy and sell them as they please. There is estimated to be 29.8 million slaves worldwide. These humans getting treated like this does not allow them to enjoy their life, in fact these people have no say in anything because society does not treat them as people. West Africa has some of the highest slave rates. All West African countries make up about 18% of all modern day slavery. These men and women are often bought as a child and trafficked around their entire life. Some are even runaways. One type of slavery that is present today is forced labor. Forced labor includes farming, construction, manufacturing, prostitution, and market trading. These “jobs” are very dangerous but they are forced to do them. Organizations have been made to help get these people the help they need but it will take many years before the world is slave free. Americans contribute to the slave manufacturing companies. If an American buys a knockoff name brand item the money goes to these slave lords. Many slaves attempt to escape. Some make it, the sneak onto boats and planes. This can be an issue to America because we have illegal people sneaking into our country and they could also

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