Essay on Child Is Influenced By Culture, Peers, And Their Loved Ones

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Kids are influenced by anything and everything. They are influenced by culture, peers, and their loved ones. But most of all a child is influenced in the classroom. The classroom has always been a psychological influence on children whether the teacher garnished them with attention or gave them none at all. In schools it is often the student with a buttoned up shirt and parents with a thick wallet that are in the center of their teacher’s focus. Meanwhile the kid whose been wearing the same pair of shoes every day for two years and has it rough in the coping department is often given the cold shoulder due to discomfort, prejudice, or intimidation. Many teachers do not strive to create a safe environment for their students, nor do they notice their emphasis on the kids in their classroom that are just easier to emphasize. Teachers can build a student or they can destroy a student, all it takes are the wrong words or improper methods of motivation. In order to create a socially healthy environment in the classroom teachers must be positive in their language, giving of their time and attention and care to every student in their class, and use different methods of teaching per the ability of their students.
Some insight can be found in the views of teachers themselves and what they believe causes a student to fail or succeed: “When asked to provide information about their feelings when they face behavioral problems in the classroom, teachers reported that “never” to “few times”…

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