Narrative Report On Child Interaction

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C. Child Interactions
1. Did you use appropriate, positive language and avoid the use of “OK”?
• Yes, I feel I did use the word “OK” many times, but my overall language I thought was positive
2. Were you at the child’s level?
• As much as possible when my hips/knees allowed
3. Were you able to use problem solving with the children?
• Yes, when a child tried to put a stuffed animal in the “float or sink” water at the science table. I told we don’t put our stuffed animals in the water because they don’t like water. 4. Were you able to use more open-ended questions vs. closed-ended?
• I’ve been trying to change up my question asking to ask more open-ended questions to get more of a response from children. It is a little easier to ask
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Parent Interactions
1. How informative was your newsletter?
• Yes, included what the children learned the previous week as well as what they could expect in our classroom during my lead teaching week. Also found an article about pretend play which I thought was developmentally appropriate and a good read for parents.
2. Did parents have any questions about your lesson plan for the week?
• No
3. How did you inform the parents about their child’s day at preschool (including the parents who do no pick up/drop off their children)?
• Making sure the daily journal was well written and had that we took meaningful pictures throughout the day.
• Talking to the parents about their child’s day at pick-up.
• Making sure I send quotes and pictures to parents in my bi-weekly emails to parents.

E. Responsibility &
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• This method of planning allowed the children to explore similar items as well as different materials that they may have never seen before. Having activities that go along with the season that we are in allows teachers to ask open-ended questions not only about the materials but about possible interest in the children like farming or jumping in leaves.
5. How well do you feel you worked as a team player with the other student teachers? Strengths? Challenges?
• Overall, I feel that we are really starting to mesh well together. We know our jobs and we are also getting a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of one another.
• I don’t see any challenges amongst our group of teachers.
L. Do you see any gaps in communication between yourself and the:
a. Children? – NO, but becoming more firm when need be with a few children
b. Parents? – a little – talking more with my parents as they pick of their child. A few of mine like to get picked up and leave quickly. Possibly engaging more in the morning conversation (if they need to leave fast at the end of the day)
c. Student Teachers? -

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