Essay on Child Hood Obesity : Is It Parental

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Child Hood Obesity

I choose child hood obesity: Is it parental nurturing to blame? I believe its a very important topic that affects our youth today. Youth now a days watch a lot of tv and hardly go outside. They don 't eat a well balance meal and don’t exercise. The lack of activity and unbalance meals is making our youth obese. The author on this article La Rocca JD, blames the parents on children being obese. Blaming the lack of exercise and nutrition. Obesity if left untreated can cause psychological and medical diseases. La Rocca JD also points out that obesity does not discriminate among boys or girls and it occurs in all ages, races, and ethnic groups. Obesity refers to children between the age of 2-18 with a BMI as developed by the center of Disease control and Prevention. A body mass index that is above the 85th percentile for a child’s age puts int the child at risk for becoming overweight . Lets see how else La Rocca explains parents being the cause of childhood obesity. One factor that contributes to obesity is genetics. Genetics cause five to twenty-five percent of obesity. Children are more likely to be obese if their parents are obese . Other factors are linked to dietary patterns, physical activity, television watching, and parent- child relationships. Parents or primary the caregivers are the ones at faults because they promote certain values and attitudes by rewarding or reinforcing specific behaviors and by serving as role models. Values start in the…

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