Essay on Child Exposure to Domestic Violence

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Child Exposure to Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is any willful intimidations, sexual assault, physical assaults, or any other forms of physical or verbal violent behavior by one intimate partner towards another. Domestic Violence can create both psychological and emotional effects on both the intended victim and anyone that witnesses it to include children. Some children that witness domestic violence are experiencing serious effects that they have to deal with all their lives. The severity of these effects on children depends on the intensity, consistency and whom is being assaulted. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Syndrome is one of the most serious effect that children are experiencing from Domestic Violence.
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PTSD can be mild or severe depending on the severity of events and consistency of the child’s exposure. PTSD includes different behaviors or symptoms such as emotional numbing, increased arousal, repeated focus on the event and obsessive and avoidance of any situations that may remind him of violence. Exposed children may also demonstrate poor academic performances in school, lack problem-solving skills and low level of empathy. These studies also show that these childhood exposures also stay with these children into their adulthood which can be the causes of domestic violence practices, depression and other criminal behaviors, Carlson (1992).
Domestic Violence can occur in families anywhere today. Domestic Violence can occur in families of different financial status, different geographical location and even in religious families in today’s societies. Though domestic violence affects families of different location and status, to affects low income families the most as court fees, hospital fees and property damages, in certain cases, may be included. Every one of us had been exposed to some degree of domestic violence in our lives. Some of these violence may be minor and only have minor or no effects at all in our behavior while some are serious and consistent. Violence that children are exposed to can occur at home as well as any other places. Parents that are

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