Childhood Development Research Paper

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Our lives are built around moments. Moments that define who we are how we learn and how we live. From pre partum to birth and so on, we learn at incredible rates. The brain is taking in information from all sorts of different sources, processing them, putting them into files (memory) and reacting to them. As we grow as children our environment plays a substantial role in guiding our personality emotions and who we become as adolescence and eventually adults, therefore it is critical as parents to give the most nurturing and loving support to children as best we can. Not always is it under ideal circumstances do we raise our children and raised questions as to what environment typically promotes the best childhood development. I believe children …show more content…
From throwing a toy truck because mom or dad instructed the child that it’s time to clean up, to road rage when we believe others are not up to par in regards to their driving capabilities and all the way to crimes committed in the “heat of the moment,” or passion crimes. How we developed this skill of keeping our emotions under control so we do not lose our ability to reason under stress is a basic fundamental skill early in child development. This skill, although continuously refined throughout our lifetime, is a fundamental building block for children and one where fathers take a primary role in shaping. Erika Bocknel conducted a study where a father’s role in the family and being present in the child’s life made noticeable positive differences regarding emotional regulation throughout toddlerhood (Bocknel). Other studies have found where fathers and mothers who had similar levels of sensitivity towards their toddlers; the toddlers had more of a positive correlation to the child’s early social and emotional development. Based on the information listed above it’s hard to ever discredit the importance of a father in a child’s life. Further information also indicates that children react more positively to a father’s constructive conflict tactics and more positively to a mother’s hostility and anger. These two sides show why an ideal fit to raise a child would place a mother and father in the home. The two personalities, when balanced with a good stable home life, blend well and create an optimal situation for a child to learn the most they can from both

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