Child Development: Scaffolding Essay

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Choosing a child to interact with is a complicated process; however I have decided that my niece, Paige, with whom I spend a comfortable amount of time is a great candidate for this assignment. She is at ease in my presence and I can accurately assess her developmental level without too much bias. At two years old, Paige is in Piaget’s preoperational stage of development, which is characterized by the ability to use symbols and language to “represent objects in the environment.” Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development include the abilities: “visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, planning ahead, and caution.” Developmentally, Paige is not exceptionally advanced in the preoperational stage, as her language skills are not fully …show more content…
It also does not take a toll on her attention span, as it is a relatively short task. This task will exercise skills Paige already has, yet is not something she cannot yet do alone. I know this is a task she can not do on her own because I have observed her mother attempting to show her how to fold clothes and wipe her little brothers mouth with a cloth. She is usually able to perform these tasks with verbal guidance and visual instruction. Further, she is enthralled by tasks in which she feels useful. Therefore learning to make a bed would appeal to her interests. Thus, I find it appropriate for her developmental level because it does not stress skills she has not yet expressed. I believe she will perform this task well. My only concern is keeping her interested in this task, as I have observed her in interactions in which she will move on to a new activity after not being able to master a task. So to keep her interested I plan to use playful hand gestures, cover her with the blanket to make her laugh, and explain to her the uses of a made bed. In doing so, I predict she will stay engaged in the task and feel useful once the task is completed. Ultimately, I believe this will be a successful task and a useful activity for Paige. Through the Zone of Proximal development, I can support Paige in a task that she is not yet able to grasp. I can give her instructions as to how to make up a bed, and then allow her to try on her own. If she

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