Child Development Of Charlotte's Web

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Charlotte’s Web is an engaging children’s book that shows various aspects of child development within the characters, with a plot that is easy to follow and interesting to both children and adults. As a child Charlotte’s Web was a staple in my family, as both a favorite movie and a favorite book. The book was read and reread and every time I heard the story, I took something new from it.
As a young child I thought Charlotte’s Web was a nice story about a girl who saved a pig’s life. When Fern was not around Wilbur made friends with Charlotte who did everything she could to help him. Charlotte was an example of a good friend, and the friendship between the two animals was a great example of finding friends in unlikely places. In the _____
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I read about half the book before I watched the lectures on child development and was able to apply that to what I had already read, and finish the book through the lens of development. Additionally, I work with kids regularly and was able to see their behavior reflected in the lectures, and through the characters. As a child I always related to Wilbur or Fern, and saw myself in them. However, I saw myself more in Charlotte, as she cares for Wilburn and is a mother figure to many of the animals in the barn. I was able to see and understand the little lessons through the book, when Wilburn learns new words, the characters understanding the world around them. Something I did not notice about Charlotte until this last time reading the book is how she fills a teaching role with Wilbur, and therefor the children reading the book. In the conversation between she and Wilbur about laying eggs, she uses the word Versatile. Wilbur asks her if versatile means she is full of eggs and she assured him the word did not mean full of eggs but rather able to easily change activities. (116) This realization about the role of Charlotte as a major character in the book greatly changed my latest reading experience. As an adult I can appreciate the innocence of Fern and Wilbur, and Fern’s personal growth, while seeing how Charlotte contributes to their development.
Charlotte’s Web is a wonderful piece of literature that can speak to readers of all ages and walk them through stages of development. As an adult the story is interesting and entertaining while showing the stages of development children go through, and how the “Charlottes” in their lives contribute to the

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