Essay On Child Development

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Some of the most important developmental processes happen between the first eighteen and thirty-six months of a child’s life. Although all children grow at a different rate, there are certain milestones they should surpass. The way children grow not only physically, but socially and cognitively is very important at this age. During the first, eighteen to thirty-six months of life, children also start to develop language skills and develop more emotionally. All five of theses developmental stages impact a child greatly. As a teacher it is my job to make sure my children are on the right developmental path. The way a child develops physically has a great impact on how they thrive in other areas of development. Once they begin to move …show more content…
A child will have a strong foundation if they develop correct ways to manage personal feelings, understanding of others, and a positive attitude. As a young toddler it is important for a child to establish an important relationship with an adult. They first go through Erikson’s stage of Trust vs. Mistrust, where the child forms a loving and trusting relationship with their parent. If this doesn’t happen they could become frustrated and lack self-confidence. Around eighteen months, a toddler then enters Erikson’s second stage, Autonomy vs. Doubt. During this stage a child needs to develop self-control by having firm and kind support from parents so the child does not lose self-esteem. According to Carol Mooney, “this stage is an important time in development because its outcomes determine the ratio of love and hate, cooperation or lack of it, and freedom of expression or tendency to suppress feelings that become part of who children are for the rest of their lives.” (Mooney, 2013, p.63) Erikson believes this stage essentially leads to the social and emotional success of the child’s future. By the age of three children should be able to tell you want they want and how they feel. They should be able to make simple choices such as what to wear and what to eat. Older toddlers should also be able to tell you how other children feel. Play is essential to child social development. Its during

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