Child Development: Cognitive Development

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Cognitive Development
While reading the textbook, I learned several things about cognitive development that connects to my child of study. I read about pretend play and how beneficial it is to a child’s development. Cognitive development can vary. A child interacting with peers is a great developmental milestone. As I read, I became more understanding to outside aspects of development. For examples, things like “nutritional deficiency, parenting style, health care, and environment” (Trawick-Smith, 2014). When observing, some things you can look out for are “skill in pretend play with others or dolls, searching for objects they cannot see, and ability to problem solve” (Trawick-Smith, 2014). You could also keep an eye out for “failure to problem
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The child has access to many different games, manipulatives, toys, and other tools to help promote cognitive development. Some of these materials include sorting elephants based on size, color, patterns and counting, color matching puzzles, sock sorting using different shades of colors, word walls around the classroom, art projects at eye level and more. Word walls help the children begin to identify words through pictures and letters. Art projects give the child the chance reflect on their work and use their words to express their feelings and questions. The children are able to explore centers such as library, music, kitchen, block, art, tabletop, and science. The different centers allow child to work on different aspects of cognitive development from sorting, identifying colors and shapes, and problem solving to scientific thinking, numbers and operations, and developing the concept of “self.” There are many different aspects of the environment and classroom that allow the children to develop cognitively. Interactions with peers and staff also help the children to explore their own thoughts, feelings, wants and needs. This helps to develop verbalization and understanding others as

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