Essay about Child Development : Child Experiences

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During child development every child experiences encounters dissimilarly than other children. Meaning, every child was raised differently and not everyone has the same outcome from their upbringing. Sure I came from poor, emotionally unstable parents who were permissive and suffered substance abuse problems, but I achieved a lot in my short nineteen years. Yes, my parents allowed me do whatever I had in mind; Rules weren’t a real thing and I was expected of very little in the household and in school. Most children then would think my parents were the ‘cool parents’, since I had no rules and punishment for my actions was nonexistent. Believe it or not, I actually often found myself being/feeling alone a lot of the time. I knew my parents loved me, but they had a funny way of showing it. I remember instances of me getting pissed because my parents were acting more like my sister and I’s friend, instead of our authority figure. It was the winter of my senior year and I decided to have a little get together at my dad’s house, with his permission of course. At first I thought he was going to leave and let me have the house to myself, but that wasn’t the case. He and my Uncle Craig stayed the whole night instead. It actually wasn’t all that bad, until my dad and Uncle Craig beat my cousin and me in beer pong after us winning five games in a row. I thought that was bad, but then my dad and Uncle Craig stayed on the table the whole night, kicking it back with us young adults, and…

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