Child Development : A Child 's Sole Model Of Adulthood Essay

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Child development is one of the most important jobs a person could have. Being a parent means one has the job of preparing the child for adulthood. Therefore, said parent is the child’s sole model of adulthood, while others are mere comparisons. The development process is foremost based off the parenting style the guardian practices. The way a parent acts and/or treats the child will affect the child’s world outlook and self-esteem. Everyone had a certain parenting technique that has brought them up to who they are now and they now have an idea of the technique they wish to use for their future children. Where did these techniques arise and who decided what meant what?
Baumrind attended both Hunter College and the University of California where she earned a PH.D. in the year, 1951. She spent much of her life studying human development and became well known for a very notable subject. Baumrind described parenting styles of children and how they negatively and positively affect their lives. It is found to be agreed that parents do indeed have the largest influence on the development of their child. However, the most frequent question is, “What is the best way to raise [your] son or daughter?” (Baumrind, 1967)
Baumrind introduced four major styles of parenting; authoritative, authoritarian, neglectful, and permissive/indulgent. Now, everyone has their own way of raising their child. However, everyone will fall into a category one way or another for they all have fairly large…

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